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Services Offered

Cabaret/music theater Accompaniment

Henry is an accomplished accompanist and has performed with dozens of prominent artists from theater, television and film. Check out my bio for a list of these artists and other performance accomplishments.  Skills include: sight-reading, on-sight transposing, and top-level musicianship. 

  • $60/hour for rehearsal
  • $200/performance

Piano bar/entertainer

Henry has been dazzling audiences at The Duplex, one of New York City's most famous piano bars for the past 2 years. He can host a room, start sing-a-longs and do hundreds of requests, complete with endless joy and fun. 

  • $100/hour if piano is provided at the venue
  • $100/hour plus $75 fee for Henry to provide his own keyboard

Song Transcription

Have a song that you love, but can't find good piano sheet music for it? Henry can take the track you like and create quality piano accompaniment sheet music. Email to get a price/rate, as it varies, depending on the song's length/complexity.  Generally this costs between $100-$200.

cocktail pianist

Henry can offer gorgeous jazz and light classical/pop background music to take any event you have to the next level

  • $60/hour if there is a piano provided at the venue
  • $60/hour plus $75 fee for Henry needs to provide his own keyboard

digital Piano accompaniment track

If there is a song that you would like to have a digital piano accompaniment track for so you can rehearse on your own, just email me the pdf of the sheet music and I can create it for you within 24 hours or less. 

  • $15 for 16-bar cuts
  • $25 for 32-bar cuts
  • $50 for a song
  • (these rates are negotiable if you need a lot of tracks to be made) 

karaoke track creation

Want to sing your favorite pop track at your friend's wedding, but can't find a decent karaoke track? Henry can do this for you, no problem. This service generally costs between $100-200. Email the song you want created to to get a rate. (This karaoke track can be provided/changed to any key without additional charge!)

Musical improv pianist/Accompanist

Henry has been playing piano for the New York City musical improv community for the past three years at the PIT, Magnet and UCB. He charges $75 for a 2-hour rehearsal. 


If none of these services fit what you're looking for, send me an email at and see if I can help! All prices are negotiable.