Error Vs. Truth

"Error cannot really threaten truth, which can always withstand it. Only the error is actually vulnerable" -A Course In Miracles

This is powerful. We often search for shortcuts to get out of conflict. We find an easy way out, or say or do something we don't mean. If we search for the truth in every conflict, and really examine our intentions, then we can find the most effective action to take.

Error (conflict, negativity) is a disturbance in the natural flow of love. It is unstable, false energy, and adding more errors in an effort to quell the original error is just making the house of cards more precarious. The obvious example is when we tell lies to fix errors. This happens all the time, and we've all seen enough episodes of children's television dealing with this moral lesson to know that these lies add up and create huge messes. This isn't just about lies though, it's also about those times we choose hate or negativity over love. When we send that sassy email, or shit-talk somebody to make ourselves feel better, or give up our own power to impress someone else. 

Truth is what is REAL. And only REAL things can create solutions. Finding out the real intentions of ourselves and others, through contemplation and compassion is how we uncover truth, and when you put truth up to any error, truth will reign as champion. 

I see so many of my friends who essentially have the same views and opinions arguing over minutia on social media. Instead of seeking truth with one another, they add more error by testing each other's intelligence and always trying to come out on top, no matter what. Well, this will never be truly successful for either party, because negativity is an illusion. It's not real. And only real things can create. TRUTH is real. The truth can create.

Another side of error is when we disrespect ourselves and actively give away our power.  This is another ego-protecting waste of time because we are believing the illusion that other people are better than us, and that we are not all equal beings of light. We are ignoring our own truth. This will never create real solutions either. We must take a moment to set our real intention for ourselves in any given situation, and make that intention clear to the appropriate party in a compassionate way. 

If we could put aside our egos more often and seek truth with one another, and especially with ourselves, we could create so much more. If we could just accept that truth will always win over error. Truth is not threatened by error.