A Country's History

I just spent 8 days in Germany and didn't see ANY statues of Hitler. In fact, the public display of swastikas is strictly prohibited in Germany, (except for historical purposes, like a MUSEUM). 
I even did an audio walking tour of Berlin, and when I got to the location of Hitler's bunker where he committed suicide, there is just a small sign explaining the location. The entrance is now a parking lot, and buildings have been strategically built to make the location appear insignificant.

More importantly, a couple streets away is the incredibly sobering and compelling "Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe" which takes up an entire city block. It very deliberately uses the word "murdered". While walking through this seemingly endless laberynth...the message that Germany is sending about this extremely dark part of their history is crystal clear. (see pic below)

There is NO need for us to glorify the people who fought to defend slavery. They should only be in text books as a way to educate people on these disgusting parts of our history, and the horrors of white supremacy, racism, and slavery.

It is of course absolutely important that we know this history and that it is not "forgotten"-- but purely as a way to learn, grow, better ourselves. These confederate statues symbolize hate.

Spread love, not hate. Be love.

For every confederate statue that is removed, put up 10 statues of African American civil rights heroes. When kids on field trips are being guided around their city centers, let them see statues honoring people that fought for racial equality.

 Deutsche Welles photo

Deutsche Welles photo